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IT Documentation


Nowadays no company can ill afford to abdicate from conforming to standards and comprehensive documentations. Existing templates and purposeful interview methodologies make it possible to quickly and precisely receive the information. The documentations meet the compliance requirements and can be delivered in different languages.

The initial development or consolidation of existing documentations is done in the scope of projects.


  • Development of Manuals
  • Development of Process Documentations and Procedure Instructions
  • Consolidation of Project Documentations
  • Development of Disaster- and Recovery Manuals


We offer services that include updating and assuring requirements by law as well as compliance requirements.


  • Keeping current documentations up-to-date



The Challenge

“Those who do not document are held liable…”

A service to comply with requirements by law, decreasing operational risks and increasing the transparency and performance within the IT.


The trend to stick to the compliance requirements and to apply risk management in companies led the courts to make IT responsibles and executives liable for this task. Negligence’s get punished with high penalties, such that companies cannot afford to abdicate from verifiable documentations.


Our Approach

One of our core competencies is the development of norm-compliant and professional manuals, as well as business and IT process documentations. Especially, we place great importance on sticking to the compliance requirements and risk management. Due to new regulations by law, it is important for the company success, to develop comprehensible documentations.


Your Advantages

Over the years H&S reliable solutions GmbH has gained a lot of experience in the field of IT documentations. By the selective use of templates and a purposeful interview methodology it is made possible for us to quickly and precisely receive the right information. The interviews as well as the documentations are worked through by our specialists. The documentations meet the compliance requirements and can be delivered in different languages.


Fulfillment of requirements by law

The requirements by law are amongst others BilMog, SOX, annual compliance checks through auditors, KonTraG, Basel II, BDSG.


Fulfillment of the own IT department requirements

In order to implement processes in large companies, standardized process documentations are indispensable.

Risk Management

The documentation keeps the IT clean and comprehensible and therefore builds a basis for the Risk Management.


Increase in competitiveness

The compliance and certification with current quality norms such as ISO 9001/2001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 or ITIL increase the trustworthiness of your company for the customer.

Increase of IT Performance

Documented processes, business instructions and key performance indicators build the basis for a continuous improvement process.

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